Experimontag: Huey Walker / The Magickal Liopleurodon

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    Huey Walker, The Magickal Liopleurodon, Ansgar Wilken
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  • Huey Walker (Freeform, Plunderphonics, Collage/DE) Utilizing guitar, synth and plunderphonic techniques, Huey Walker plays a fragmented, freeform jingle-jangle and carefully crafted harmonies based on a sense of slowness, pacing and the joy of monotony. With aspects of minimalism, aleatoric music and impromptu timbral explorations, he developes a pulsating, static reeling and winching whirrings. www.hueywalker.de https://www.facebook.com/hueywalker http://rakkoonrecordings.bandcamp.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be70ON7WcFU The Magickal Liopleurodon (Free Improvised/Bln) “Hidden away from sunlight, deep underground, in a large tank of salt water, plugged into the ancient alien machinery, The Liopleurodon whispers telepathic orders into the ears of its subversive secret agents, plotting occult insurgencies all around the world...” (with Yoshiko Klein on contrabass recorder, Anil Eraslan on cello, Fyodor Stepanov on double bass) https://soundcloud.com/fyodor_stepanov/session-kuelspot-24-10 Ansgar Wilken (DJ-Set/Experimental/Bln) Doors 19.00 | Start 21.30
  • Experimontag: Huey Walker / The Magickal Liopleurodon - Flyer front