Rough Disko with Venom & Damage / Safestyle Residents

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    Venom & Damage (7 Year Glitch) Safestyle (Mobb Bleep/Squire of Gothos) Rough Disko resident DJs
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  • So Rough Disko made it to 5 years old without Social Services snatching the baby away from its well-intentioned but sometimes careless parents. Still reeling from this achievement, we're nonetheless as pleased and proud as you'd expect. Of course the birthday candles would've been blazing nowhere near as high without our special guests on the night...massive thanks to Cooly G and Pipes who laid it down proper...not to mention the inhabitants of the Harley dancefloor who roadblocked it from half 11 onwards. Moving onwards and it's another month of primest Sheffield vs London talent. Producers, remixers and proprietors of the awesome 7 Year Glitch blog, Venom & Damage have been setting the pure party compasses twitching hard in the direction of Hackney for a good while now. Skilled exponents of booty, ghettotech, bassline and hip-house, they're some of the closest genetic matches to the RD DNA that we've yet tracked down. Add to this the rumpus surrounding their massive UK Funky remix of Jeremih's "Birthday Sex", appearances on mixes by Jackmaster and M’Pulse, and Modeselektor picking up their latest track "Deeper" for their jaw-flooring September Resident Advisor podcast, and we're striking at some seriously hot, fresh iron. Looking for the right guy to get the hype rolling on the night, we're lucky to have no need to peer any further than the backyard. Since their "legit" club debut at Rough Disko exactly a year ago, local bass urchins Squire of Gothos have been roughing up all corners of the UK and Europe just how they like it, finding time to remix the the likes of Kid 606 and Si Begg along the way. Moving slightly away from the duo's more brutal bassline and breakcore tendencies, the Squire's tall half aka Safestyle will be razing a path through house, techno, 2-step and UK funky territory. As per usual, the RD rezzies will be flirting with the early dancers and wringing out the last drops of sweat from the hardcore at the end. Expect a rugged blend of baile funk / tropical, jackin' house, post-garage, techno, disco and whatever the hell else we deem necessary. Don't sleep... RDx
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