Le Loup, Seuil, TC80 & Lumbago: Nostromo London Takeover

  • After raving around France and particularly its capital Paris, the Nostromo spaceship is ready to land in London for the very first time, taking on board 5 special passengers. The 2 Lumbago space ninjas from Lyon, along with our 3 commanders aboard the ship, Le Loup, Seuil & a special guest. Landing planned on April 20th, in Hackney Wick at the infamous Studio 9294 for a special Easter rave. After inviting major artists of the European scene through numerous events, Nostromo lands for the first time out of France with its crew of French astronauts. And what better place to do so than the world’s rave capital, London. Lattitude : 51° 32' 39.3318 Longitude : 0° 1' 21.5436 Astronauts for the night : Lumbago : Born of a meeting between two electronic music lovers for who digging old discs to hurt their back is a real passion, the duo Lumbago is formed in 2015. In the process they create their own label of the same name. The music played by the duo is hybrid and complex, drawing as much in Acid house as in techno, breakbeat or garage, keeping this certain minimalist and futuristic side. Lumbago regularly organizes events in which they have the opportunity to share the decks with plenty of different DJs, showcasing themselves, thus offering varied and fine sets. That openness spirit has permit them to carve out a solid reputation and consequently make Lumbago one of the most talentend duo in Lyon’s underground scene. Being DJs and non-producers, the founders want their label to reflect their collection and their mix, rich and composed of multiple influences. Some new talents and renowned artists such as 100Hz, Rufus or Tom Joyce to name a few, have had the opportunity to be released on their imprint. The success of these releases have helped make Lumbago Records a musthave label in the French underground scene, and the best is coming… Le Loup : Le Loup is one of the most prominent names to have emerged from the new generation of Parisian talent that sprung up during the late 2000s. Renowned for his warm, groove-led productions and avant-garde sound, he has established a sterling reputation both on the decks and in the studio. A lover of Detroit techno, funk, jazz, and hip-hop, his style was inspired by the first and second wave of Detroit and Chicago pioneers expertly drawing on all facets of house music, hip hop and jazz to create his own fresh and distinct sound. With the launch of his label Shadow Play, Le Loup has added a further string to his bow, exploring his A&R capabilities and showcasing his curatorial skills. In 2011 Le Loup launched Hold Youth with close friend Seuil, a vinyl-only label with an open-minded ethos, releasing music for DJs, collectors and true music lovers. Also highly regarded as a solo DJ Le Loup has worked his magic for an extensive list of the world’s most respected dance floors including regular slots for the hedonistic London crew Half Baked, where he is a resident. Seuil : As house or techno fads pass through, you can rely on a sect of underground purists to keep the constant flow of quality, resisting the fluctuating electronic trends and persisting with what they believe in. One of those purists is Seuil, the genuine article, a lover of German minimal and warm US deep house, whose dedication to his favourite styles has been unrelenting.Seuil’s philosophy, or rather passion, is vinyl and vinyl-only, which he aims to support through both his label output and as a DJ. Behind the decks he is a master of groovy, subtle sounds, with his sets moving through micro, to deep, to even a little UK break house.A talented producer who has an impressive list of cult labels next to his name (Minibar, Circus Company, Hello Repeat, Ultrastretch). Nowadays focusing on running his own imprint Eklo in the pursuit of something timeless, he leads a team of young and forward-thinking producers. A highly respected name on the underground, spinning all over the world from DC10 Ibiza to Concrete Paris, to the raucous Half Baked parties in London which he is a resident. TC80 : Tony aka TC80 is a Barcelona-based French DJ/Producer. He started his TC80 project after 10 years of residencies in German clubs and has shared the stage with artists such as Laurent Garnier, Francesco Del Garda, DJ Masda, Etienne, Andrew James Gustav, Riccardo, Ion Ludwig, Yone-Ko, Seuil, Molly, Point G and Nastia among others. Influenced by 80s and 90s Japanese video-games/anime and Science Fiction soundtracks his 2015 debut EP ‘Phrase’ on DJ Masda and So Inagawa’s highly regarded Cabaret Recordings charted at #1 on the decks.de chart. Tony has also presented a number of mixes for influential sites such as Undersound London, Nightclubber.ro and Technique Tokyo. His September 2017 podcast for XLR8R was awarded ‘Mix of the day‘ by Resident Advisor and truly exemplifies his unique, infectious and powerfully hypnotic style. Meanwhile, TC80’s mixing prowess has led him to play at venues such as Batofar, Closer, Culture Box, Club Der Visionaire, Fuse, Guesthouse, Goa, Hoppetosse, The Block and The Pickle Factory. /// Well-known members of the Spaceship : Barac / Davy / Dawidu / Do or Die / Domenico Rosa / Dj Masda / Etienne / Evan Baggs / Francesco Del Garda / Gab Jr. / Juan Atkins / Loop Exposure / Luca Lozano / Luis Malon / Luke Eargoggle / Markus Sommer / Max Vaahs / Module werk / Nicola Kazimir / Ocb from Casa voyager / Omar / Onur Özer / Priku / Quest / Raphael Carrau / Rubi / Steve Marie from Opaq Records / Sweely / Unai Trotti / Varoslav / Versalife aka Conforce / Vlada / Zendid
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  • Le Loup, Seuil, TC80 & Lumbago: Nostromo London Takeover - Flyer front
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