Nish Nish, The Castle Ec1 and Es Recordings present The Heaven And Hell Weekender

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    Ben Nish Nish, Mitch Davis, Smit Nish Nish, more tbc
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  • Quality London Party Brand Nish Nish, Premier Musical Boozer The Castle EC1 and critically acclaimed, fast rising record label Electric Sheep Recordings combine for the first Heaven And Hell Weekender/Festival. Across two floors and two nights the weekender will be a journey from punkfunk to new wave, to disco to indie to house, taking in techno and acieed, with a large measure of unheard future classics. Friday night sees a debut appearance from Geek Chic Soundsystem. Originally the South coast, they are now firm favourites in the capital, with remixes already under their belt for The Long Blondes, They Came From The Stars (I Saw Them), Heads We Dance, We Smoke Fags and Boy + Girl, and fans as diverse as Mark Moore, The Freestylers and Erol Alkan. Berlin favourites Jungs and Technik come from a similar angle but with a slightly different twist. Owning a 7 inch collection of nu wave, krautrock and cosmic classics that is second to none these enigmatic Berliners know their onions, having graced the decks of some of Berlin’s hippest hangouts, such as the legendary White Trash Fast Food. Likewise hosts Ben and Smit, whos unique eclectically minded and critically acclaimed genre bending and block rocking Nish Nish parties, have graced the floors of some of capitals finest establishments for the past five years, featuring the likes of Colin Dale, Hannah Holland, Jon Carter and too many others to mention. Nish Nish Cohort Mitch Davis, whose label has lately been creating tsunamis, with the backing of luminaries such as Xpress 2, Laurent Garnier, Agoria and Ivan Smagghe, will be getting all misty eyed as he helps the lads dust off the classics in the upstairs 86-92 house classics room.....aaaaaah, i think I am welling up now, you know it makes sense. Saturday will be a slightly deeper affair, with Nish Nish/Electric Sheep and The Castle EC1 being joined by some of our regulars from along the way and a super huge surprise guest who we aren’t allowed to announce just yet for an eclectronikal ram jam session. Needless to say the i’s will be crossed and the t’s will be dotted as per ;). Deep house, Tech House, Classic house and Disco, and all points in between from the ressies and the guests on saturdays Throughout the weekend there will also be a 3d Horrormatronic cinema, themed fancy dress, quality food and drinks that aren’t at scary prices, best of all it is all Free... Expect Freeks, Geeks, Fit Birds, Fags, Old Shoomers, Nu ravers and Classic Gems and Future Classics and hopped up kids with jaunty haircuts who know whats good for ‘em. See you at the bar. Nish Nish, The Castle, Electric Sheep and Heaven and Hell Weekender...Live The Dream
  • Nish Nish, The Castle Ec1 and Es Recordings present The Heaven And Hell Weekender - Flyer front
    Nish Nish, The Castle Ec1 and Es Recordings present The Heaven And Hell Weekender - Flyer back