Tom Middleton & Lee Burridge

  • Venue
    • 646 N Franklin St; Chicago, IL 60654; United States
  • Date
    Fri, 23 Oct 200910:00pm - 4:00am
  • Attending
    • 5
  • Friday October 23rd, 2009 @ Spy Bar Tom Middleton, Lee Burridge & KGBeats hit the decks! Doors open at 10:00PM and close at 4:00AM 21+ For table reservations, call 312.337.2191 or email [email protected] RSVP ASAP for "complimentary admission" to: [email protected] For any further information feel free to contact me at anytime [email protected] About Tom Middleton: To the untrained eye Tom Middleton is just another DJ. Beard, box of records, bounces behind the decks. You seen one, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong. You see Tom isn’t just a DJ. He’s a scientist; a meticulous technician with a thirst for all musical forms from breakbeat to baroque. Researching each and every project with eagle eyed glee, Tom approaches every venture, from productions to DJ mixes, with the attention to detail that’s usually reserved for the likes of architects, surgeons, engineers and (ahem) two bit biography writers. His mix CDs such as ‘The Sound Of The Cosmos’, ‘3D’ and ‘The Trip 2’ show true precision and forethought with Tom spending hours of preparation studying the key of each track and how they relate to each other. His ‘Crazy Covers’ compilations reveal an encyclopaedic knowledge of contemporary popular music from the 1950s to this very day. Not to mention a sense of humour. About Lee Burridge: I was born in November 1968. Nothing much happened until I became a DJ on December 26th 1985 when I started a mobile disco for weddings, birthday parties and the like. I played lots of pop music then including Depeche Mode, Spagna and The Pet Shop Boys until discovering house music in the late 80's. I went to a lot of parties in fields and clubs and fell in love with dance music (and a voodoo woman named Phyllis). I moved from the UK to Hong Kong in 1991 (which isn't in Japan, as lots of journalists seem to think). I helped build up a crazy underground scene in HK between 1991-97 as no one was playing dance music there. I also spent a lot of time from 1992 onwards playing at the full moon parties in Thailand as no one was playing records there either. About KGBeats: KGB was formed just recently on a cold snowy January evening, by three mates who don't really care about what kind of genre music they make, as long as its easy to chill out to. Momentarily their studio is confined to a small and cramped room inside dj stressless' penthouse suite, which allows just enough freedom to lay down some guitar and bass lines, but the KGB will be soon moving back into their luxurious studio hidden somewhere amidst the chaotics of the swiss urbanity which they're surrounded by.
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