Big Dish Go presents Ivan Smagghe

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    Ivan Smagghe (kill the dj) Conor Feeney (Big Dish Go)
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  • IVAN SMAGGHE (Kill the DJ) 3hour set 5th December The Underground [at] Kennedys 30-32 Westland Row D.2 €12 Doors:11pm On the 5th December Big Dish Go is very proud to welcome back Ivan Smagghe to The Underground for a very special 3 hour wrong meeting set. Smagghe stands at the crossroads between glamorous Parisian hype and musical integrity. Early on his Test radio show and compilations imposed a new vision of leftfield electronica on Radio Nova and his programming has been a faultless example of quality eclecticness. Ivan Smagghe’s name has become synonymous with innovative & intense electronic records which have earned him the adoration of contemporaries such as Andrew Weatherhall, Tiga, Ewan Pearson & Tiefschwarz to name but a few. Not only that but Ivan is renowned for being one of the most original and inspired DJs of the moment with a unique talent for constantly discovering sounds that no-one has heard or dared use before to such great effect. In support on the night is Big Dish Go founder Conor Feeney who cites Smagghe as one of his main influences/inspirations in music. Ivan on DJing: “I’m happy to be playing now because it’s really not going to be what people expect, which for me is a lot of what DJing is about. I’ve got this thing that’s coming from the (Andy) Weatherall approach – for me he’s always been the guy who’s got the best line of conduct and ideas about DJing and making music. Knowing how to say no, and when to say no, and don’t do what people expect because, otherwise, what is the point?” Ivan on his Fabric release: "Abstract bleeps and dark noises? Synths that rock? 4/4 electronics? Yes, all that. This is the scream of the guy who did not want to be pidgeonholed" Download/listen to a Smagghe live mixes: ... non-aug-09 /IvanSmaggheChloKillTheDjNightRexClubSept2009.mp3 Ivan interview: ... interview/ Discogs:
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