Groovy Groovy — Renick Bell, Kiki Kudo & Color Plus

  • March 8 is a special day! We celebrating rave man’s day of birth! For this one I’ve gone and recruited a pack of future electronics experimentalists. Renick Bell aka Algorave papi is a live coding beat generator, algorithmic composer, programmer, and teacher. His records on labels listed below sure to make you rethink this whole electronic music shit. Kiki Kudo is a chef, avant garde pop novelist and arts writer who’s responsible for putting out one of my favorite records of 2018. Dumb excited to bring her world of nanotech pop and kitchen wave electronic magic to Planet Groovy. Motherfucking Color Plus — New York’s hottest producer in my very strong opinion….just peep the record on Paxico mate. Man is one on his own level + been at it since the golden era of Swim Team. Can’t reveal any details about DJ Temporary….just prepare yourself for sonic goodness. My ass gonna be delivering a warm bday special opening set. Usual crew — Billy Hahn on set design duties, Low Res on lighting duties and flyer graphics by Yogic. H0l0 is the terminal to Planet Groovy. See u in the dance my loves. ________________________________________ Renick Bell [UIQ, Halcyon Veil, Seagrave] ________________________________________ Kiki Kudo [Incienso] ________________________________________ Color Plus [Towhead Recordings, Paxico Records] ________________________________________ DJ Temporary [???] ________________________________________ Akanbi [GROOVY GROOVY]
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  • Groovy Groovy — Renick Bell, Kiki Kudo & Color Plus - Flyer front
    Groovy Groovy — Renick Bell, Kiki Kudo & Color Plus - Flyer back