PUBLIC ARTS & Soundchk present: Behrouz

  • Public Arts and SoundChk are honored to present the legendary Behrouz! Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 11pm Public Arts 215 Chrystie St. NY, NY. A handful of tickets will be available for pre-sale for $30, tickets will be available at the door, $40. Behrouz In today’s world which has become infiltrated with DJs, you find a select few DJs like Behrouz who have managed to reach that top echelon, either through hard work and determination, support from fans and peers, and those that just have that God given gift to rock rooms (be it small or big) around the world for 10 or more plus hours, taking listeners on those unforgettable journeys of different genres of dance music ranging from deep house all the way to techno. Welcome to Behrouz’s world… From his early days growing up in San Francisco, when San Francisco was considered at the time, the best city in the US for house music and still till this day lives up to its crowning title, you can find some of the best underground clubs. One DJ in particular was chosen to be the main resident DJ for two of the best known clubs at different times. Behrouz held a residency at DV8 for eight years and another eight years at 1015, and the man paid his dues by rocking both rooms each week to a packed house of clubbers ready to dance from open to close and where the motto was always “it’s all about music….” Michelangelo: A veteran of the scene getting his DJ start with a push from Danny Tenaglia in 2002 at the legendary club Vinyl in New York. Michelangelo (yes his real name) is known for positive energy and music full of character. He prides himself on bringing the best of many genres, past and present with an extensive selection which spans from the late 90’s to today. Currently set to make serious waves in the production realm through his commitment to sonic quality.
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