Lime Diesel: Disqow Special

  • Venue
    Exit Bar
    • 174 Brick Lane; Shoreditch; London E1 6RU; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Sat, 17 Oct 20097pm till late
  • Attending
    • 1
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  • Hey yow disqow luvass - Lime Diesel addiction is nothing new and we encourage increasing your intake on a monthly basis. At the upcoming Disqow Special you can have your head musically screwed off and the 3.0 boogie chip implanted into your booty - free limited offer only :P This month, we dedicate the show to turntable spin doctor and rave vibe legend Dj Twigg who will be going on a tour around wintry Canada, pumping heat into them mountain venues - you'll be truly missed Twiggy! And whilst we still have you amongst our sweet Shoreditch crew, we will rock that Exit Bar hard on Saturday, cos there IS NO tomorrow for us party people of the East : ) 174 Bricklane is where it's at this Sat, oh yeah.. Disqow disqow musique on the go: :: TWIGG's exclusive 'Goodbye Disqow' bootleg set :: M+MACKIE's 'Shoreditch Disqow Special' Nu-Disco set :: Back 2 back TECH-HOUSE, CHICAGO and DEEP HOUSE late nite set Love love .. x M+MACKIE
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