Conan Osiris x Johan Papaconstantino x Charlotte Bendiks

  • Schizophrenic pop from Lisbon and Paris, followed by some dancefloor realness. There’s a breath of fresh air in the european pop. Conan Osiris, Portugal’s new queer icon, is up for a genre combination extravaganza, mixing fado with digital kizomba, dancehall, Cape-verdean funaná, metal or hip hop. Conan, inspired by the Japanese anime series of the same name. Osiris, inspired by the Egyptian god. Together they form the artistic persona of Tiago Miranda, who is as complex and thought provoking as his way of making music. He is a phenomenon that grew huge in eulogistic press reviews and audience in Portugal since he released his last digital album “Adoro Bolos. He will perform for the first time in Berlin and it smells like Eurovision. Johan Papaconstantino makes a sort of mediteranean pop that could easily fit your wedding . Crystallizing all the pop potential of traditional Greek music in a few period hits, Johan Papaconstantino quickly established himself as an artist to follow closely in Paris. Those who have had the chance to see him on stage can testify to the effectiveness of his riffs and texts (in French). With his minimal stage play and the intoxicating echo of his guitar, he promises a melancholy infused euphoric performance. Charlotte Bendiks will continue the ceremonies after the live shows . ____________ Conan Osiris Johan Papaconstantino Charlotte Bendiks
  • Conan Osiris x Johan Papaconstantino x Charlotte Bendiks - Flyer front