• This Saturday, Rich Medina in association with Giant Step, The Knitting Factory Records and 330 Ritch is pleased to present the San Francisco premiere of Rich Medina's legendary Jump N Funk party! Jump N Funk Back in August of 2001 (Rich Medina), I started “Jump N Funk”, aka “JNF”, with then partners Debbie Sealy, and Trevor Schoonmaker. From its humble beginnings as a 4 hour after work party at Shine (now called Canal Room), the event soon became a full blown club night and grew to be known as America’s very first and most consistent DJ/Club event dedicated to the music and social contributions of the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti. After a year, Trevor moved on to a fruitful curatorial career, pursuing his museum dreams with “The Fela Project”, and amiably leaving Debbie and I to run the “JNF” party on our own. We then connected with Peggy Jean Louis, who served as a partner from the time of Trevor’s departure until her own departure to the UK to pursue her personal career with NYLO and other interests in 2006, where she continues to see consistent success today. From 2002 until 2006, “JNF” rocked The Winter Music Conference in Miami annually to rave reviews (Google it!), and made stops at The Coral Room, Martinez Gallery, and Cielo, before eventually ending up at SOB’s in 2004. The relationship with SOB’s is still alive and well today, but unfortunately in 2006, Debbie and I parted ways as partners, due to personal and creative differences. At that point, out of respect for the “JNF” brand’s history, and the need to regroup, I stopped using the JNF name. I took a few months off after The Winter Music Conference in 2006, and renamed “JNF” to “Afro Disco.” In my mind this was the most diplomatic way I could continue the JNF tradition at the time…, new energy, new perspective, new name, and new visual presentation. “Afro Disco” in turn has been an incredible success as well, with The Winter Music Conference in March 2007, and successful events at SOB’s (NYC), Fluid (Philly), Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston. Despite the success of “Afro Disco”, I’ve been asked on an almost daily basis “What happened to JNF?” “When you gonna do another JNF?” “Is Afro Disco like JNF?”. Funny but true…So, after a great deal of thinking, I have made a decision to bring back the “Jump N Funk” name, live and direct, on my own. You wouldn’t believe the number of requests I’ve had to help me reintroduce the party, or people offering to host the party for me, promote it, play there with their band, and so on and so forth. It has been truly unbelievable, and the energy I’ve felt from those moments has led me to reopen the event anew, sans partnership. With that, I’m proud to announce the grand reopening of “JUMP N FUNK” in October of 2008 in NYC, Philly, and Washington DC, in a trio of Fela Anikulapo Kuti birthday celebrations! Things are looking really good, and we are expecting some incredible moments to come about from this rejuvenation. I write this press release today as a message to our fans who have prodded me into starting this party again, and to say thank you for your undying love and support for what we started with “JNF” back in 2001. I also write this press release sending love and peace to my former partners, and wishing them the world in their new endeavors, far and wide. We started a beautiful thing together, and I want you to know that I plan to continue carrying the torch, despite our not working together at “JNF” any longer. Fela still smiles down from heaven upon us. With that, I hope this finds everyone in good spirits and health, and here’s to a new start for “Jump N Funk”! See you guys in Philly, San Francisco, NYC and DC in October! Love Afro Life! Music Is The Weapon Of Choice! About Felabrations In support of the Knitting Factory Records re-launch of Fela Kuti’s music catalogue, Giant Step has organized official Felabration events in more than 15 cities across North America throughout the month of October; this outstanding schedule of Felabrations will bring together some of the best DJs, musicians, and promoters around to celebrate the life, music, and birthday of Fela Kuti. These events will unite the diverse communities and Tastemakers across the country that are instrumental in keeping Fela's music alive. Jump N Funk Rich Medina & Carlos Mena 330 Ritch 330 Ritch St. San Francisco, CA 10:00 pm - 2:00 am | 21+ | $15 at the door $10 presales available at www.going.com/JumpSF www.myspace.com/LotusSF
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