Killswitch Happy Hour

  • Founded in February 2008, Killswitch is a weekly happy hour dedicated to featuring the Bay Area's finest underground techno and house talent. Founded by Stap[e DJ Javaight and Black Market Techno DJ dCOY, Killswitch has featured DJs such as Alland Byallo, Dave Aju, Jonah Sharp, Sutekh, Clint Stewart, Worthy, J.Phlip, Drumcell,Todd Sines and live PA's from Monocle, Auralism's Marc Smith, and Perla. With the addition of new residents Mossmoss & David Siska, Killswitch has established itself as an end of the week hangout for heads, techno lovers and party people alike. Kill off your week with the sound of the underground at Killswitch. This week @ KILLSWITCH: Kenneth Scott (Nightlight, Auralism), Barclay (Spektikal), Brendan Finlayson (Refunktion) & dCOY! About Kenneth Scott: Kenneth Scott makes small-scale techno with large sonic concerns. Producing music as Eutactic with Auralism label head Jason Short, as Moniker with Emilio "EO" Orlandi, and under his own name for friend Alland Byallo's Nightlight Music, Scott takes cues from early Warp records, Matthew Dear's acid experimentation as Audion, and minimal-minded composers like Philip Glass and Arvo Part. The results eye the "minimal" label with suspicion, combining techy snares, reptilian synths, and subtle layers of melody into something melodic, funky, and emotional - uncategorizable and catchy as hell, just how Scott likes it. "I think that trance really ruined melodies and arpeggios for everyone," he says, "and only now are people a bit more open to it." Scott was raised in a small, rural Iowa town, where he nursed an obsession with dance music while exploring its tiny scene. He learned a bit of every instrument he could get his hands on, while DJing his first house parties with his father's old turntable, a portable CD player, and a Radio Shack mixer. Scott's been honing his craft in the years since, running San Francisco's successful Binary party, DJing alongside Pan Pot, Lee Curtiss, and Argenis Brito, and creating music with collaborators Jason Short, Alland Byallo, and Emilio Orlandi. Now he's ready to open the floodgates. "I want to create dance-floor friendly, funky, jacking, sonically dexterous, soulful music," he says. "I want to make a crowd tear up, as well as pump their fists." About Barclay: Barclay has been chopping away since 1999 when his passion for dance music began. He earned his stripes in NYC were his musical tastes matured rapidly. Frequenting mega clubs like Twilo and Vinyl were he constantly heard the great legends of house and techno. He also began playing at some of the dirtiest techno venues there. Places like (now defunct) Filter 14, Bactune, Leopard Lounge and Glass Lounge respectively. Since then Barclay has traveled and played through out the country. Hawaii was his most recent dwelling were he held residencies at 2 major clubs there. Lotus sound bar of Waikiki and Nextdoor of downtown Honolulu. Look for him to stay an integral part in this special time of the techno revolution here in San Francisco, the hardest working "techno" city in America. About Brendan Finlayson: Rocking the sounds of house and techno since 1998, Brendan Finlayson's eclectic style, professional mixing and solid track selection make for a strong set. His mixing style has been described as boundless, technical and full of emotion. He was also key as the co-creator of a collective of musicians in Portland, Oregon called Picture of Sound.
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