Mister Saturday Night Loft Party with John Tejada

  • MISTER SATURDAY NIGHT PRESENTS JOHN TEJADA Prolific is probably the first word that would come to mind for anyone who's followed John Tejada's career. His discography lists too many records to count, even when you leave out the voluminous collaborations he's done. The amazing thing is that even with the dirth of music he's made, the quality level is always high, leaving the impression that his talent is so honed that he's on the same level as a virtuosic jazz musician, one whose chops allow him to walk into a room and produce brilliance off the top of his head. Unsurprisingly, Tejada's DJ sets are also impressive. He masterfully strings together known themes from his own music with others beats and melodies, creating an experience that's as brain-moving as it is ass-shaking. Tonight, in the Mister Saturday Night loft, he'll find perfect grounds for spreading it all out. Eamon and Justin will lay down the ground work and keep the floor open after; and you'll provide the moves that make it all happen. Eamon and Justin are throwing Mister Saturday Night in the way it was always meant to exist: as an underground loft party. The focus is still on high quality music, but the setting has changed to become more comfortable, always in a loft or other off-the-beaten path space that feels more like a home than a club. (Actually, so far we've only got plans to do Mister Saturday Night at places where people actually live). We always make sure there are friendly people working with us, nooks to chat with friends and escape the sound, a house-run bar stocking good beers and spirits at non-club prices, and, of course, a cozy dancefloor with our nice, warm Turbosound system (that's soon to be doubled in size). The only thing missing from the formula is you. We hope you'll join us.
  • Mister Saturday Night Loft Party with John Tejada - Flyer front
    Mister Saturday Night Loft Party with John Tejada - Flyer back