Happy Earthday Release Party

  • >>> HAPPY EARTHDAY RELEASE PARTY >>> 23.03.19, 23:00-09:00 @ TRAUMA BAR UND KINO In celebration of Bjarki’s new album ‘Happy Earthday’, released 14.02.19 via !K7 we have brought together some of the most interesting performers within the spheres of electronic/experimental/dance music. LINE-UP: >>>>>>>>> BJARKI The Icelandic producer never ceases to amaze, shifting between techno to IDM and everything in between. On this event, Bjarki will present his LIVE A/V show for the first and only time in Berlin for the year 2019. https://soundcloud.com/bjarki >>>>>>>>> KYOKA Kyoka is a Japanese musician and composer based in Berlin and Tokyo, who has gained notoriety for her glitch-heavy electronic productions resulting in a broken pop-beat with experimental yet danceable rhythms. http://www.ufunfunfufu.com/youtube/ >>>>>>>>> ZIÚR Ziúr is one of the most exciting producers to come out of the fringes of Berlin club music in the last few years. A new generation is breaking out of the techno mould and creating in a spirit of freedom and experimentation, taking seemingly incompatible influences and balancing them into a new and exciting sound. https://soundcloud.com/ziurziurziur >>>>>>>>> VOLRUPTUS The alien boogie commander is here to make you sweat! Outer space electro like you’ve never heard before. https://soundcloud.com/volruptus >>>>>>>>> KULDABOLI The elusive Icelandic producer Kuldaboli is definitely one to watch. Expect authoritarian basslines, booming drums and romantic melodies fused together in a mysterious tsunami of sounds.  https://tinyurl.com/eg-elska-thig-eilifa-strid https://tinyurl.com/vafasamur-lifsstill-2015-2016 >>>>>>>>> DREAM SEQUENCE co-founder of label Leisure System, N. Beckett knows the makings of a good party. https://soundcloud.com/leisuresystem BTV presents a special screening in the venues very own cinema, as well as visual installations throughout the venue. Looking forward to enjoying sights and sounds with you! *venue capacity is very limited, we recommend buying advance tickets! Separate cue for ticket holders. *Trauma Bar und Kino is wheelchair accessible and includes an accessible bathroom. *discrimination of any kind is not welcome, please show nothing but love and respect for your fellow ravers!
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