Ragged & Just Jack present Wolf + Lamb

  • WOLF + LAMB @ DOJO Since their first work together, Brooklyn based Wolf + Lamb's unique partnership has developed into a phenomenal record label, hidden clubbing sensation, studio, production partnership and DJ duo. Known for their sublime ability to break down the boundaries between disco, deep house and techno, their unique sound has reached out across the globe and has made them some of the most sought after names on the underground house and techno scene. Make sure you don't miss out on this rare UK appearance. Joining them are two DJs who represent all that is fresh and exciting in underground house and techno 2009, Freak'n'Chic'c prodigal son Dyed Doundorom and the unstoppable Subb-an. Mix these four together, add local heros; Ed Karney and Tom Rio, in a venue as intimate as the Dojo Lounge and you've got one killer line-up. Any house and techno fan who misses this needs to have some serious words with themselves! See you at the front xx WOLF + LAMB DYED SOUNDOROM SUBB-AN ED KARNEY TOM RIO