Canadian House Cartel Launch Partay

  • Venue
    • 110 Banff Avenue; Banff, AB T1L 1G2; Canada
  • Date
    Wed, 4 Nov 200910:00pm - 2:00
  • Attending
    • 1
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    Scotty N'est Pas, Dramatik & Dj Gregrrr
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  • Change of date for promotion sake, Now November 4/2009 The Aurora nightclub presents the kick of... THE CANADIAN HOUSE CARTEL. THE CANADIAN HOUSE CARTEL is the joining of 2 forces to create a new entity for clubbing. The House of More and Jet set Dj Gregrr(Can/Uk) form like voltron and will be kicking out the jams on October 21st. This show will be the jump off point for this group of like minded djs to move forward to bigger and better shows. This is not to be missed. Gregrr has been seen around the globe from London to Russia and Canada to the Tropics. He destroys dancefloors everywhere with his unique combination of House and Trance. Backing him up is The House of More that you love...Dramatik and Scotty N'est Pas. Both of these guys are not strangers on the decks and can rock a party right! Get into it and get on the dancefloor! We may bring the roof down with this one! A rockin fusion of various styles of electronic dance music. Main Room - Aurora Nightclub, Banff Alberta. For a little treat email us for a promo mix. [email protected] [email protected] From everyone at House of More and the Canadian House Cartel...see you on the dancefloor! Peace, Dramatik