TELEPHONES (Day): All Day Byob Party

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    + Wastefellow (DJ Set) + Hayley Disco Medusa + Pablo (Meruteria) + JOMA + Papa Lou
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  • Day Tickets: SOLD OUT Night Tickets Still Available: [SOLD OUT] 2–9pm, Sunday, the 17th of March 2019 Bring Yer Own Drinks, funny hats & green waistcoats to Pallas Projects, Dublin 8. Music — Wastefellow (DJ set) Hayley Disco Medusa (Annie Craic) Pablo Santos (Meruteria) Papa Lou (Telephones) JOMA + more TBA There will be disco, soul, rnb, afro, brazilian, latin, freaky jams. NOTE: after a visit from the Feds last time, we were presented with 2 options. Number 1 was 'no more parties at Pallas' and number 2 was, 'more parties, but they can't be as turbo-bangin'. We have opted for the latter. So basically it'll be the same as before, just without house music, and we need to keep an eye on the volume button too. Just a heads up. This is how the first few years were anyway, they only started getting fairly banging last year. It will still be a buzz, just don't come if you're expecting really excessive levels of bangingness. #SNAKESOUT #FEDSOUT #MEDIUMBANG --------------- Telephones @thisistelephones
  • TELEPHONES (Day): All Day Byob Party - Flyer front