Villa Ricaricata - Electronic Boutique Festival

  • Venue
    Villa del Bono
    • Via Luigi Cadorna, 38, 23894 Cremella LC, Italy
  • Date
    20 Jun 2020
    Sat 20:00 - Tue 17:00
  • Attending
    • 15
  • ̸


    Heimlich Knüller [Feines Tier/Freudentaumel Berlin] Peak & Swift [Wilde Renate Berlin] Maximono [THIS AIN'T BRISTOL-DIRTYBIRD-CONFESSION Hannover] Dave Dinger [Bachstelzen/KaterBlau Berlin] Michal Zietara [renate schallplatten, pets rec, osba rec] Gunnar Stiller [Smiley Fingers/Upon.You Berlin] Daniele Di Martino [Get Physical Music/Stil Vor Talent Berlin] Sidney Phillips [Toilet Room/Pergamon Club Jerusalem] Melbo [Südpol Hamburg] Arel & Schaefer [Under Statement/Schüchtern & Zurückhaltend Munich] Paul and the Hungry Wolf [Galactico Munich] Jens Gehrmann & Hans Heinrich [Discotheque Royal Munich] Philipp Fritz [Discotheque Royal Munich] Tellerboy [Discotheque Royal Munich] Kuttner [Berlin] Eric Kewitz [LATE_FOR_WORK/ROTE SONNE Munich] Ninsen [Berlin] Alex Ohm [going deep Innsbruck/Vienna] Malcolm Francois [Liebe Zum Detail Munich] Reality Resistent [Kimono Kombino Munich] Kahjo [Rant & Rave/Veto Kollektiv Munich] Palacio [Fancy Footwork Munich] Awar [Fancy Footwork Munich] Staubmayer [Jugendzentrum für Senioren Munich] Kuwalsen [DachüberKopf/Sample Slam Munich]
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  • Villa Ricaricata is a private electronic boutique festival in Italy near Milan in the village Cremella. A festival from friends for friends. It will be hosting about 600 guests in June 2020. The focus of the event is to bring the best of electronic sound into the heart of Italy. A symbiotic atmosphere of the italian dolce vita and the modern electronic music scene will be created. The 12 acres estate is ideal for meeting likeminded people and enjoy the italian summer at the different stages inside and around the villa. To relax the pool and several activities are the perfect way to refresh and pump energy for the next raving experience. Send a mail to [email protected], so you can get the booking code and buy a ticket. Stay tuned on instagram: villaricaricata