Threads*MKC Pop Up - Day&night

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    LIVE ELECTRONICS: - Amplidyne Effect (AMPEFF, Post Global Recordings) - Modem Priest - Ogie (AAA музика, BTKRSH) - Post Global Trio (Post Global Recordings) - Toni Dimitrov (AMPEFF, Post Global Recordings) DJs: - Bad Propaganda (Skopje Urban Beats, Радио МОФ) - DJ Sorry (Faster Than Music) - Kronom (Faster Than Music, Desonanz Festival) - Likvidator ( - Martchin (BTKRSH, Desonanz Festival) - Maggie (BTKRSH, Code XX) - T-Scale (Faster Than Music, Loose Lips) HIP-HOP ACTS: - N.B.K x Cange/Gerila (Kumanovo) - KUP de GRAS (Skopje) - EBSF (Skopje) TALKS PANEL: - [0.10]error of harmony - Andrej Ancevski (Desonanz Festival, BTKRSH) - error kolektiv - Martin Canacevic (Desonanz Festival, BTKRSH) - Mirko Popov (PMG Recordings) - Renata Trajanovska (Desonanz Festival, BTKRSH) DANCE: - Ivana Kocevska VISUALS: - Lazy Kidz Visualz
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  • Threads* is the second stream of Threads, a radio station with studio bases in London & Berlin, curating a unique & diverse selection of music, also providing a platform for a range of social, political & comedic talk-based content. Threads*MKC is the radio's first ever excursion outside of the EU. The multidisciplinary event will showcase Macedonia's talents in different forms, such as music performances, rap, visual arts, contemporary dance, fashion design, discussions and more. Make sure to tune into this, the first ever day and night stream from MKC Café, 12:00-03:00 (CET) -
  • Threads*MKC Pop Up - Day&night - Flyer front