Maayan Nidam Hosted by Chvck

  • We are absolutely over the moon with the chance to be hosting Maayan Nidam at Phonobar. She is an outright star to those in the know and an immense talent both as a DJ and producer. Phonobar owner Chvck and Famous Rtist will be warming up the dance floor for this one. Maayan Nidam, an artist in flux, continues to change, evolve and challenge boundaries both in her Berlin studio and on stage. She has built a reputation as a fine DJ and producer who favours a subtle approach towards mesmeric moments. Her DJ sets, predominantly based in stripped-back, deep sounds, utilise an intriguing vinyl collection, using obscure interludes for re-contextualisation. This approach makes for some magical moments on the dance-floor, where a night’s highlight may come from the most unlikely of tracks. As a musician obsessed about sound and the technology behind its creation, her workflow places a strong focus on the studio environment. Triggering chain reactions between guitar pedals, drum machines, modular synths and acoustic instruments, generating sounds in unpredictable, exciting ways. Inspired by her 2014 performances as The Waves with an accompanying band, Maayan has developed a solo live set that allows her to further her studio experiments and take them on the road. With a flexibly evolving range of hardware, she re-creates the spontaneous frame of her productions, delving deep into the possibilities of live dubbing and improvisation, keeping the performance exciting for both the crowd and Maayan herself.
  • Maayan Nidam Hosted by Chvck - Flyer front