Rainbow Value Happy Halloween Warehouse Party

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    Big Headline DJ Lesser Unknowns Your mates... You!!!
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  • In a time where money rules everyone's World and everything that used to be good about the World is either too expensive or really cheap and really poor quality. Rainbow Value has from the very start offered value for money, with the ethic being: "The best you can get for free or as cheap as possible". 20 Years ago people raved all night in Warehouses feeling love and unity, it's only fair that the new generation are now getting the chance to do the same again. With peoples views changing as the 9 to 5 existence we have been forced into is falling apart. We want to offer you the chance to let yourself go, a chance to make new friends, rediscover enemies and make friends with them again. There is no need to be trapped, there is no need to feel down, we are going to help you forget your troubles and dance the night away. Rainbow Value brings you a series of entertaining value for money Warehouse parties around East London. The Venues will be changing regularly, to stop you from getting bored of going to the same old places with the same 4 walls and same DJ's, the music will stay the same, always the best music we can find to get you to dance from surprise DJ's everytime. So leave any troubles or attitudes at home, wear whatever you feel most comfortable in and come and join the party!! £5 ADV tickets available Now http://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/London/Secret-Warehouse/Rainbow-Value-Happy-Halloween-Warehouse-Party/11330954/
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