Lapsus 2019 - ACT 1 - Lapsus x Unsound

  • Weird and wicked sounds as Lapsus teams up with the inimitable Unsound Festival.
  • LAPSUS 2019 KICKS OFF WITH 'LAPSUS X UNSOUND' ACT I – Lapsus x Unsound On March 30 Lapsus begins its new three-act format (March, September and December), taking place throughout 2019. The recently web announced event carries a clear statement of its intentions, evolving towards a format in which to listen, analyse and discuss music in more depth, disposing with the 'Festival' tag with which Lapsus feels it no longer feel identifies. The first act sees the collaboration with the international Krakow based festival Unsound, discovering and exploring one of the most avant-garde events in terms of experimental electronic music, as well as one of the most vibrant scenes in Europe: Poland. From early afternoon until 5am in the morning, Lapsus will showcase a unique troupe of artists ably exploring 'the east'. These will include noteworthy names such as Lanark Artefax, the Unsound linked producer that has revolutionized the experimental scene in recent years and already counts Björk and Aphex Twin among his illustrious followers. Two performances taking place at the CCCB Theatre will be supported by the SHAPE artistic platform: Resina, the Polish cellist on Britain’s Fat Cat roster, exploring electronica through her classical instrument in an remarkable way; and Warsaw producer Lutto Lento, lover of the fusion between IDM and ethnic sounds. The night-time section of the event taking place at LAUT will offer sets by artists representing Poland’s club sound: Warsaw DJ VTSS, one of the scene’s most prolific names whose sets incorporate a broad spectrum of sound combining techno, EBM, rave and industrial; Olivia, a fundamental Unsound artist and one of its chief residents; Chino, whose live performance format will deliver the fusion between industrial sounds and electro. All these artists will demonstrate why the Polish scene is moving towards the forefront of global cutting-edge electronic music. Lapsus’ first act will feature 'A Brief History of Unsound', a talk hosted by music journalist Philip Sherburne alongside festival directors Mat Schulz and Gosia Plysa, who will discuss the ability to reinvent cultural projects, having carefully curated and navigated events from Krakow to Kazakhstan, passing through Adelaide. Throughout the afternoon, in the theatre hall, we will be able to enjoy 'Talking About Time', a series of talks from music training school The Bass Valley, discussing the past, present and future of the industry. Music learning, psychology applied to artist careers, blockchain and copyright will form these hot topic talks to be held "in-between-acts". PROGRAM CCCB - 18.30h Doors / 19.00h (Teatre) Talk: ‘A Brief History Of Unsound’ (with Philip Sherburne, Mat Schulz and Gosia Plysa) / 20:00h (Hall) Talk: The Bass Valley presents ‘PAST’ (with Luis Rozalén y Samuel Escudero) / 20:30h (Teatre) Resina (AV) / 21:25h (Hall) Talk: The Bass Valley presents ‘PRESENT’ (with Rosana Corbacho, founder of M.I. Therapy) / 22:00h (Teatre) Lutto Lento (Live) / 23:00h (Hall) Talk: The Bass Valley presetns ‘FUTURE’ (with Irene Bauza, vice president of Unison Rights) / 23:35h (Teatre) Lanark Artefax (AV) LAUT - 00:00h Doors / 00:30h Chino (Live) / 01:30h VTSS (Dj) / 03:00h Olivia (Dj)
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