Esch Stadtpark Musik

  • From Karaoke To Stardom LIVE Rrygular, Apnea, Igloo - Paris Patrick Testor - Wien Jokl Stadtpark Musik - Feldkirch Markus Lindner Stadtpark Musik - Wien From Karaoke To Stardom From Karaoke to Stardom is Jeremy Herpe, 32 year old french producer. Former guitarist, metal fan as a teenager, then into experimental rock and electronics and abstract hip hop, let's say his musical tastes are quite broad. Autechre & Warp made him buy a computer to start making his own music, then Plastikman, Sutekh, Mille Plateaux & Force Inc, going into clubs led him to do more four to the floor music without loosing sight of sound design, textures and intricate rhythms. His first ep was released in april 2006 on Rrygular, later that year came a few other ones, including his first ep on Apnea, Loopism Opossum, joining the Net28 family. Things started to get bigger in 2007, with his album on Rrygular "Undo Redo Weirdo" and a lot of gigs in Europe including clubs like Watergate in Berlin, Rex Club in Paris, Barcelona, Poland, Georgia, even Moscow, getting recognition not only as a producer but as a live act too. 2008 starts with a new ep on Apnea, a few remixes and much more to come, rumours say he's working now on an album for the Net28 crew.
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