Cosmic Microwave

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    • 117 Bath Street; Glasgow, G2 2SZ; Scotland
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    Sat, 31 Oct 200923:00 - 03:00
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    Clinic82Cosmic Microwave
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  • Infinite improbability harnessed by the power of the Cosmic Microwave. Traveling the musical spectrum of soul, funk, disco and all things groove oriented Cosmic Microwave is a deep space techy disco machine that draws influence from the disco trends of late with resident Clinical and guests. Cosmic Microwave is a form of electromagnetic radiation that fills the universe, it is the faint background glow, almost exactly the same in all directions, that is not associated with any star, galaxy, or other object. The cosmic microwave is perhaps the main prediction of the Big Bang model. After the initial Big Bang which is still fairly unknown, there was a period of time which was known as inflation, during which time the universe expanded rapidly and most importantly its expansion accelerated. It is thought that this was the only time in the history of the universe that the rate of expansion was accelerating. Witness the cosmic microwave
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