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  • Basic is on a mission. Think about the house parties you will never forget the old clubbing feeling the cross used to bring and the character it held. Call us old fashioned but we miss the bona fide friendly vibe, the nights where everyone knows everyone, and the general strange party antics brought on by the tranquil, at ease mood this kind of party possesses. On the voyage to dig deep and pull out all the party essentials that make, well, a good party! We found ourselves revelling in the old fundamentals, searching our souls for what it used to be all about, and Basic have had a revelation. We’ve uncovered the house party spirit, the one that got lost somewhere deep in the realms of music and clubbing, the one that lingered high and mighty amidst all the good parties that had everyone talking about them. Basic has been born with the aim to bring it back! The philosophy is simple; no entry fee, good drinks prices and friends there with friends, for friends. Basic is re-visiting the flipside, returning to the forbidden Planet and going back to, umm, Basics. Intimate clubbing returns with a vengeance! Showcasing the in vogue sounds of London and further afield, expect to hear underground Deep Tech & Minimal House soaked in the beats of whatever the DJ’s feel is right on night. To add to the charm of this no frills party a line up will never be released! We’re keeping that as a nice little surprise. Although we love and adore our musical masterminds, we feel Clubland has become a little too much about the DJ’s, it seems to be all about who’s playing. The music is still a significant factor in the Basic kingdom however it’s far from the focus, we want people dancing and people laughing. Basic is out to get Clubland society to surrender once again to the lost elements and overall tone of a damn good party! Loud, proud and brimming with confidence, we introduce to you an outgoing night that’s sexy, affordable and wrapped in cool. It’s about personality and character, it’s about the people that keep this marvel moving, it’s about you! With the intention of producing a full on house party club night, the homely 333 Club in Shoreditch is the perfect setting to craft the scenes of this intimate monthly liaison. Creating a cool party for cool people that just want to have a good time without the pressures of which place to visit, which DJ to see, and more to the point for free! With a fistful of Panache, a dash of original flair and DJ freedom, forget Music policy, the Basic policy is all about feeling. Are you feeling it yet? [email protected] 07966002768