Housepitality: Osborn ,Carlos Souffront, Trevor Sigler, Nick Moss

  • A midweek meet-up for two low-key Detroit legends who have shared the decks at No Way Back and plenty of clubs, parties and bars besides.
  • ((HOUSEPITALITY)) TODD OSBORN (Ghostly International) CARLOS SOUFFRONT (Interdimensional Transmissions) TREVOR SIGLER Backroom- NICK MOSS (Kosmetik) There are lots of stories about DJ and producer Todd Osborn. They are, unfortunately for your ego and ours, all true. Our Lego-sculpting, electron microscope-owning, J uber-producer puts his joy of life and the art of making into his music. Todd fixes and flies planes, has fabricated a video game kiosk out of hospital equipment, and is finishing his hovercraft as we write this. We could call him house music’s Macgyver, Todd has been championed across the board, by everyone from Gilles Peterson to Aphex Twin (he records as Soundmurderer for his Rephlex label), from UR’s Mad Mike to Warp’s Flying Lotus. But such accolades should be taken lightly; after all, Todd just wants to have a little fun and get some time in on the dance floor. Like Todd, we should all get (more) busy. Carlos Souffront is a music gourmet, a true DJ's DJ. His taste is rich and vast and he has the unique ability to create deeply rhythmic narratives that offer unexpected and exotic spices. He mastered his deep mixing skills with a cassette deck and a belt drive turntable in his father's den in Troy, home of contemporaries such as Mike Servito, Tadd Mullinex and Matt Dear. Equally entrenched in indie rock, post punk, experimental music, ambient, rock, house, and techno, Carlos was always a man of many worlds - with an ability to traverse though them with an unique imagination. There is a mood to his search within sound, something that is heavy, deep yet gritty. Like many Caribbean transplants that ends up in northern colder climates, he wonders where our rhythmic complexity is. For him it is effortless and endlessly surprising to the listener. Carlos is an important component of the Interdimensional Transmissions parties, bringing a loose yet tight moody deepness and an ever unexpected edge. At the original No Way Back party, he demanded truth in advertising, pushing us to and then past the 12 hour mark. He has participated in the studio with Ectomorph, and also performed alongside some of their live performances. It is all too rare to find someone within the electronic music spectrum that can be called an original, that you can only really explain to someone who experienced them on the dance floor, usually just by saying "that's so" and saying their name. Carlos is one of those rarities. Free champagne from 9pm-10pm. As always, free with RSVP before 10pm on our site Or get a $5 presale ticket here.
  • Housepitality: Osborn ,Carlos Souffront, Trevor Sigler, Nick Moss - Flyer front