Sorted # 10 - Batu, Darwin & Terry Donovan

  • Next up in the Sorted numbered series is #10 ! Batu_music Bristol, UK | Timedance Timedance owner Batu has carved out a unique sound for himself since his debut in 2013. Subsequent 12″s on a number of labels including XL Recordings, Hessle Audio and his own Timedance imprint have found him grounded in British bassbin principles. His style however is relentlessly forward thinking, and pushing his soundin adventurous, inventive ways that have become something of a signature aesthetic. Darwin Berlin | REEF Since 2014 Darwin has been a resident at Berlin institution Griessmuehle, where she also hosts REEF: a semi-regular party with a laser focus on UK club music responsible for bringing the artists to the Neukölln spot for 24-hour raves that join the dots between techno, dubstep and breakbeat. Terry Donovan Sorted | House of God ✓ 21+ ✓ BYOB ✓ All night long ✓ Hitman Sound ✓ Lucid Vision Video
  • Sorted # 10 - Batu, Darwin & Terry Donovan - Flyer front