Entropy 熵 with Nanogram (宀), Yusuke Takenouchi Live (Undulation, Tokyo), Marco Yu (Utopia)

  • Venue
    宀 Club
    • 4F, 279 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • Date
    Sat, 16 Mar 2019
    23:00 - 05:00
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 16
  • Entropy is returning to 宀 Club for its monthly Techno showcase with a very exciting line-up mixing live performance and DJ sets. This time, they are bringing a live act directly from Tokyo with Yusuke Takenouchi, regular at Contact club and skilful live artist. Entropy co-founder Nanogram will take command around this live act with Marco Yu from the local crew Utopia. The vision behind Entropy is to showcase a carefully curated range of Techno music with a curated theme - dark, thrilling, cinematic, experimental, and yet at times rhythmic and explosive. Entropy aims to tells a thrilling story through music and present it through a state-of-art sound system. Entropy hosts a night at the 宀 Club, showcasing international and local talents. Yusuke Takenouchi is an electronic musician based in Tokyo with frequent appearances at clubs such as Contact and KGR(n). He is making techno music that integrated various elements such as industrial, glitch, noise, acid. In recent years, he switched playing style from DJ to improvisation Live that is using a single rhythm machine. Since 2018, he has created his own website, and started to upload daily live recording. He is a member of industrial techno label UNDULATION. Nanogram was born in Hong Kong but grew up in New York, where he experienced the deeper end of electronic music. His first ever concert experience was a 4-man electronic music from Germany, called Kraftwerk, which has since set the foundation of his taste in techno music. He does not stop at Techno, but is also known to craft great sets incorporating 90s rave, acid, post-punk, new wave and industrial techno. He is heavily involved in pushing the development of Hong Kong underground electronic music scene. House/Techno DJ based in Hong Kong, Marco is a trained guitarist for over a decade and crossed over to electronic music in 2010, and since then has focused in the art of DJing and production. A co-founder of Utopia Hong Kong, Marco & Utopia are now a household name firmly cemented in the underground of Hong Kong with a residency at 宀 Club.
  • Entropy 熵 with Nanogram (宀), Yusuke Takenouchi Live (Undulation, Tokyo), Marco Yu (Utopia) - Flyer front