Bang Face 70 - 6th Birthday Halloween Rave

  • Come dressed as raved up party pumpkins, witches, zombies, ghosts and freaks! HARD CREW ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! give each other presents and cards :) 808 STATE - DJ set from the Rave originators FRICTION - Drum & Bass in your face! KROME & TIME - The history of Jungle Hardcore LUNA-C - Beloved hero of Breakbeat Hardcore RADIOACTIVEMAN - Bangin Electro/Techno from Keith Tenniswood 16BIT - Dancefloor destruction from the Dubstep duo THE PANACEA - Slammin Neo-Rave Techno Mayhem RAFFERTIE - High energy Bassline filth DURAN DURAN DURAN - Rave driven Breakcore madness NORMSKI - BFTV legend drops the party bangers BROKEN NOTE - 'If it ain't broke, break it!' ED REAL - Hard Crew Special Forces! SAINT ACID & THE BANG FACE HARD CREW £10 eTickets + Hype:
  • Bang Face 70 - 6th Birthday Halloween Rave - Flyer front