Sub Let 1 Year with DJ Aakmael & Seth Magoon

  • "Once inside, the body vibrates as the bass resonates in the bones. On the floor, strobe lights pixilate space and action, light cones probe the darkness, and whirling light-flecks reflect off mirrored balls to produce visual and physical disorientation. Perceptual modes shift—sensing with the skin and seeing in the dark. Everything is in motion. The only way to get balanced is to move your feet." We are glad to announce our first year anniversary. For this occasion, we are bringing back MINOS from the UK who absolutely set the dancefloor on fire at Rose Gold last season. The local talent Seth Magoon will also be joining us with his funky records. We also have the French DJ félix who will hop on the train from Montreal and bring his own deep house vision. Finally, we have the pleasure to announce that the one and only DJ Aakmael will be headling the night! ___________________________________________________________________ —|| Aakmael (King Street Sounds, Scissor & Thread) ||— House Music DJ and recording artist Dj Aakmael is a DJ/producer who creates some of the deepest and rawest house tracks of today’s Deep House scene. His DJ mixes contain the perfect blend of hard-hitting deep house instrumentals as well as smooth vocal tracks. Aak's music has been released on respected dance labels such as Scissor & Thread, Freerange Records, Axe On Wax, Release Sustain, Kolour LTD, Hizhou, Monologues, Morris-Audio, upcoming releases on Dogmatik, NDATL, Rainy City, his own imprint Unxpozd and others. Aakmael’s remixes also have made the rounds of clubs and radio shows worldwide, still preserving that deep underground sound. —|| Seth Magoon (Solarplexia) ||— New York Based DJ Seth Magoon has been putting his name out in the electronic underground scene for the past several years. Whether Seth is rinsing wax on the lot radio with Soul Clap records, manning the helm of super party Solarplexia, or behind the decks of any other Brooklyn nightlife staple, you know he’s bringing the heat. —|| félix (Turning Point) ||— Félix has an unwavering dedication to music. He has been cultivating his passion from an early age, seeking obscure oldies and keeping an eye out for future classics. In the past few years, he has sought to share his taste through mixes featuring eclectic selections. —|| MINOS (Sub Let) ||— Italian/Colombian DJ and producer MINOS started her career in Manchester but has played in clubs in New York, Milan and Brighton. Her selections are driven, bold and show a defined understanding of what works on the dancefloor. We're happy to welcome her back to our 1st year anniversary of Sub Let.
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