• A technological society, a mechanist present, an industrial era... long and dark nights, warehouses, cogeneration plants, noise. Which kind of music matches the rhythm of Western civilization better than techno music?! Created by electronic machines, computers, turntables.. On November 20th, DJs of timeless and yet avantgarde sound and music will gather at Arena Club Berlin. All of them are musicians with long-time experience who have made their contribution to techno history. They soaked the basic idea of techno into their minds deeply and will compress the essence through the subwoofers that night. SHED, who has delivered a true techno classic with his debut SHEDDING THE PAST in 2008, will catch up with one of his Berghain mates, BEN KLOCK, for one of his rare DJ sets. BEN KLOCK released his debut on OSTGUT TON in early 2009 as well, a blueprint of the state-of-the-art hard and new techno sound. His releases are supported widely. SANDWELL DISTRICT label has been pushing music forward with multiple releases throughout the last years, recently with a mix of BEN KLOCK's "Subzero" album track. And so the wheels of steel have come full circle. A top-seller of JUNO and BEATPORT platforms and RESIDENTADVISOR's "Label of the Month". Both founders, REGIS and FUNCTION, bewitching with their dark, still catchy productions, will perform a Live/DJ-set (2 laptops, 2 mixers, 1 Roland 101, 1 Roland 808). DYSTOPIANs Dj RØDHÃ…D will complete this line up. He has been socialized by Berlin's looptechno nights and always finds the perfect balance of dub and techno. Line - Up: BEN KLOCK [ostgut ton, klockworks, bpitch] RØDHÃ…D [dystopian] SANDWELL DISTRICT aka REGIS & Function [downwards, sandwell district] SHED [ostgut ton, delsin]
  • Dystopian - Flyer front