Naive Melody with John Daly & Naive Melody Dj'S

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    • 1 Harter Street; Greater Manchester; Manchester; M1 6HY; United Kingdom
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    John Daly (Wave / Feel Music) Naive Melody Dj's
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  • FRIDAY 30TH OCTOBER John Daly has been DJing and playing live music around Europe for about 13 years, with appearances at Panorama Bar in Berlin, Zukunft in Zurich and Deep Space New York. Making a name for himself in recent years on Francois K's legendary 'Wave' imprint, John went on to found his own label, 'Feel Music' in 2005. His first full length album, Sea & Sky out on Wave is our choice Long player of 2009 so far. If you haven't heard it, we recommend that you sort that out, here's what to expect; "Sea & Sky is a journey that ebbs and flows its way into your heart and mind via haunting melodies, shimmering harmonies and pulsating rhythms. Swirling pads and bubbling chords dance on top of hypnotic arpeggios creating lush yet spacious landscapes where heavenly bliss and cathartic melancholy rule the day." Yep... His name has been turning up on club listings, track listings and everywhere we look on the net. We finally caved in and John we'll be joining us at Charlies for his Manchester debut this month. A great DJ, expect him to be sporting a fine beard and showing his musical roots as well as his production, ranging from disco, jazz , acid and deep electronics. His mixes have been on heavy rotation over the last 12 months, take your pick... ///11pm - 4am //£5 on the door
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