Premium presents ‘Battle�

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    DJ Sheen & MC K-Note, Switch (DJ Emme, DJ Ritual & MC Antic), Paul Fraser & TanziMC, DJ Farj & DTech MC, DJ Dabnes & MC Rudy Jackson, DJ Whitelee (UK), Pete Mac
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  • Prepare yourself for a night of tough beatz & heavyweight bass as the Premium Crew present 'Battle'. As the launch party for the Australian release of So Solid Crews' album, "You Don't Know", Premium DJs & MCs will go head to head to find the 'champion sound'. Giveaways: Premium & SonyDance will be giving away copies of the So Solid album on the night & free champagne be flowin before 12. For more info or listen to the Premium selection Kiss FM Saturdays 2-4pm. Premium - Tuff 2step & smooth Garage Sydney stylee.