Atterdag: Derrick May, Deep'a & Biri, Steen Kong, M€rcy

  • We’re extremely happy to be launching Atterdag and to do this we’ve invited a true controller of dance floor energy: Derrick May. ◆ DERRICK MAY (US) May has recorded some of the first & most original and influential techno tracks of all time and played this style in clubs all over the world. He is, alongside Juan Atkins & Kevin Saunderson, a part of "The Belleville Three," and they are considered the inventors and creators of Detroit Techno. The Belleville Three have worked under many different names and titles. Derrick May saw great success under the name Rhythim is Rhythim, his alias when he released his landmark "Strings of Life." He's is one of the best DJs alive, charismatic figure behind the mixer, a dance floor feeling like no other and with a storyline going all the way back to when it all started in the 80's, he sure has the right back catalogue to create an amazing vibe. ◆ DEEP’A & BIRI (ISR) Deep’a & Biri are running their own label Black Crow, signed on Transmat agency and have been residents at The Block in Tel Aviv while Yaron Deep’a was also doing the bookings there, and after that the duo decided to move to Berlin to dig deeper into the night. ◆ KONG (DK) He’s a no-brainer addition, a local legend, owner of Multiplex Records, coming from the same generation as Derrick May, Steen Kong has contributed to the danish electronic scene since the mid 80’s has had a huge impact to what our nightlife is today. ◆ M€RCY (DK) Hailing from the rural areas of Denmark, M€RCY are known for breathing their machines to life with a gloomy spirit. Their well acclaimed live set will guide your rite of passage. “Lurking hauntingly in the gloom” - --- See you on the dance floor; Atterdag is an inclusive club for diversity, freedom, an open mind and respect. We welcome all kinds. We kindly ask you to help create a respectful atmosphere. The music and vibe are always the main focus - please refrain from photography or video recording to ensure the best experience for your fellow clubber. --- Tickets: Early Bird €20 | 2nd release €24 | Final release €27 | doorsale €27 21+
  • Atterdag: Derrick May, Deep'a & Biri, Steen Kong, M€rcy - Flyer front