Jan Jelinek

  • Ohr + Soup Kitchen are proud to welcome Jan Jelinek to Manchester for the very first time. Jan’s niche seems to reside in taking organic sounds and morphing them into something unrecognisable from their genesis. He has used this cerebral approach to de-construct, yet pay an almost subliminal homage to Krautrock and Jazz. He has even used interviews as an abstract instrument in his latest album ‘Zwischen'. His first album under his own name, ‘Loop Finding Jazz Records’, was released 18 years ago and is a must have in any electronic record collection. Think of a sonic space that evokes a homely warmth, whilst somehow simultaneously pointing towards an otherworldly place. “..like lying naked in a bed of freshly washed flannel sheets, rolling back and forth, feeling massaged by every strand of cotton.” 9.3 - Pitchfork The architect; Jan Jelinek
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