ZINKandSILENTLISTEN - Human Techno and Alternative Ambient

  • The two composers and improvisers Stefan Schultze and Claudio Puntin invest in free moods their life experience and provide therefor its musical recipients. They allow precedence over the imperative attitude of conception and / or composition to a in the present arising predominance of tonal phenomena to become music. With the instruments created for this purpose as well as their depersonalized band name, they consciously leave their personal view to create an unencumbered external perspective for their own action. The result is an embracing accessibility which works without the use of routine Listening habits, you feel abducted into a musical parallel universe. ZINKandSILENTLISTEN Stefan Schultze is one of the most multifaceted and original musicians to come out of the German jazz scene. He studied piano and composition in Cologne and in New York. He occupies the interface between new music, improvisation, avant garde and jazz with which he has most definitely created his own style. • Claudio Puntin is considered one of the leading creative soloists on all clarinets, his solo performances are examples of musical freedom. Including electronica, alternative techniques and self invented instruments he has created works for symphonic orchestras, choirs, electronics, films, theater and other art forms.
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