Otto Von Schirach x Doormouse HTX Takeover

  • Breakcore legends Otto von Schirach and Doormouse are coming to wreak mayhem in Texas following the release of their new EP 'Breakcore Beefcakes.' Come get nasty with us! Sponsored by Defunkt Records & dadageek Performances by: Otto Von Schirach Doormouse Daed Spoil Mind Thief Mt. Borracho Nine Two Five ____________________________ Defunkt Records is an electronic music and visual arts collective founded in Houston, Texas focused on techno, electro, braindance, breakcore, digital hardcore, acid house, & jungle music. Since 2015, Defunkt Records has hosted numerous international warehouse parties and is renowned for featuring live hardware performances by some of the best artists in the electronic underground. >>>>><<<
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  • Otto Von Schirach x Doormouse HTX Takeover - Flyer front