Midland: 5 Fridays at Phonox

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    Midland (all night long)
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  • Midland's March residency begins. It's going to be a good month.
  • Following his unforgettable 4-week residency back in February 2018, Midland returns to do it all again for 5 Fridays in March. - Phonox: Harry, why have you decided to come back to do it again? - Midland: Last time I did the Phonox residency it was a totally unknown entity that surpassed my expectations. Every week it felt like myself and the crew running the nights got to know each other a little better and what we wanted to achieve. Some weeks we saw familiar faces, some first timers and lots of friends. This time it feels like coming home, but there is still that unknown which makes it so exciting. Also its down the road from my Gaff Doors for the bar open from 9:30pm, DJ starts at 10pm.
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