Lionoil: Eris Drew & DJ Voices

  • Eris Drew and DJ Voices join the Lionoil crew for an uplifting night of blissful house.
  • First party of 2019, we have a real stormer that we've trying to make happen for some time. A Chi-town/NYC combo of quite some calibre, both big supporters of our last record. It really is a beautiful and humbling thing that our music can bring people together across the globe, and we're stoked that the stars have aligned to allow us to throw this party. TL;DR - this will be a dance to remember, don't miss. Eris Drew is a DJ, producer, trans ecstatic and self-proclaimed "High Priestess of the Motherbeat" from the praries of Illinois, USA. She had a very special year in 2018 her stratospheric rise from a criminally underrated 'DJs DJ' to recognised as one of the most exciting artists in the scene. Her debut record with her partner Octo Octa on Violet's Naive label (the best label around right now) is a beautiful thing and has been hammered on every Lionoil show since it came out. A long-time resident at Chicago's legendary Smart Bar, and DJs for the Bunker NY, TUF Seattle and Pittsburgh's Hot Mass, and more recently touring with Octo Octa with her T4T trans-ecstatic party tour. She also gives talks around the world on rave history and shamanism, and is evangelical about the spiritual power of the rave, personified through her psychedelic experience of 'the Motherbeat'. It just so happened that our pal from Brooklyn 'DJ Voices' is also in Europe at the same time, so we're delighted to have her complete the lineup. A staple DJ on The Lot Radio NYC, Kristin Malossi is part of the Working Women crew and books for Brooklyn institution Nowadays (founded by Mister Saturday Night). Kristin has also been big supporter of our last record, and she's also the BEST DJ. If you don't already know about her, you definitely will soon. Both DJ Voices and Eris were featured side by side among Fact Mag's top 21 DJ mixes of the year: They've never played together though, so that it's happening across the Atlantic at our little dance must by some cosmic alignment. * * * The Motherbeat was first beheld by Eris following a rave in 1994. She has helped Eris to heal, create art and find her friends for over 23 years. Motherbeat is a fundamental primordial pulsation—an archaic goddess at the gateway of the Mystery. She is there to remind us that: I. Ritual dance music has been here since the beginning, before historical time. II. Each of us is made for better things than the cultural download we receive provides. III. We can use the music as a technology to unlock our bodies, dissolve boundaries and models, and find each other. * * * Respect eachother, respect yourselves - as always intolerance and disrespect will not be tolerated. Let's make this Psychedelic Rite of the Motherbeat safe, respectful and beautiful <3
  • Lionoil: Eris Drew & DJ Voices - Flyer front