Lo Fidelity with Sweely, Nala Brown

  • Lo Fidelity is all about lo-fi house and techno music. Aiming international acts and local talents who stand out, by delivering quality music and put in effort for the house culture. Lo-fi is the abbreviation for low fidelity. This term is being used when a musical work is being recorded in a lower quality than technically is possible. So, this sound embraces imperfections and doesn’t adjust to ‘industry standards’. And in a world where everyone is trying to ‘fit in’ and tries to be as ‘normal’ as possible, it is important to spread this sound and the thought behind it. Creating an environment where people can be themselves and don’t have to think about how they dress or how they dance on the dancefloor. Just be yourself, follow the rhythm and move your body. More details about line-up and venue will follow soon! For now mark 23th of March in your agenda cause we got something special in store! Few hints: - Limited capacity - Intimate, raw location - Somewhere close to Biergarten Date: 23-03-2018 Location: ??? Genre: lo-fi house/techno Age: 18+
  • Lo Fidelity with Sweely, Nala Brown - Flyer front