Cyberpunkers (Ita)

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    CyberPunkers (Italy) 1am-3am
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  • MEDIA RELEASE CYBERPUNKERS (ITALY) Cyberpunkers is the child, born in 2006, of the passion for Cyberpunk culture of two young Milan DJs. The format aims at giving a fresh start to this style through four different yet connected forms of art: electronic music, fashion, design and photography. In a nutshell, a transposition of the Cyberpunk world in modern clubbing. The concept, in its embryo phase, kicked off with "Sex machine" and "Cyberpunkers", two tracks released by popular French label "Excess Music" and immediately featured in the playlists of such DJ's as Pete Tong, Carl Cox and Eric Prydz, raising much attention and curiosity towards the mysterious duo.Through several performances at famous clubs, "Cyberpunkers" (as referred to by their own audience) drew lots of interest and ended up being much taked about for both their original look, made of masks behind which their true identity is hidden, and for the originality of their shows, which are marked out by the use of two consoles at once and powered by several audio machines. Cyberpunkers (italy), the Espy front bar Thursday 22nd October. Entry is free