Claydrum / Dave Clarke / Kobosil / Claire Morgan

  • A change is about to come and it will be lead by those who disobey! Leaders of a new, lawless form of society will rise. We proudly introduce those who'll be bringing us the revolution: They call him the Baron of Techno but deep in his heart, he is an anarchist pure sang. Dave Clark rallies you behind him with a violent combination of Techno and Electro that would overthrow any government. In the many years that he has been active Clarke has really established a name for himself, but more in the rebellious sense of the word. He is supported by two renown artist with a clear focus. Kobosil rose from the murky depths of Berlin, working his way up to a resident at Berghain with his dark and powerful Techno. Claire Morgan left Australia to plunge into Berlin's nightlife to be molded and created by it. She was left with a slick and sharp set of skills that could crush any dancefloor. To ensure victory in our Southern region, Marlon Benjamins is bringing his destructive force to this uprising. A local force not the be reckoned with, as he will prove yet again.. Join our rebellion on the 30th of March.
  • Claydrum / Dave Clarke / Kobosil / Claire Morgan - Flyer front