• Experimental club DJs, panels, free weed from a plethora of LA's hottest cannabis brands—this 12-hour extravaganza might be the stoner dance music event of the millenium.
  • SUP STONER-RAVERS OF THE WORLD! ~ WE ABOUT TO MAKE HISTORY YA'LL ~ This the first weed rave of the legal era—a 12-hour stoner extravaganza from 4:20pm-4:20am on Martin Luther King weekend! **To get tickets, you have to follow IG @weedrave.420 for the password** www.instagram.com/weedrave.420 Let's imagine what nightlife centered around cannabis looks like (spoiler: it's gonna look mad cute!) At 4:20pm, grab your stoner sis and kick back with some CBD cocktails, THC cold brew + microdose munchies... Check out discussion panels on topics like "How To Be a Weedfluencer" and "Sex Work vs. The War on Drugs," led by super smart ladies in the cannabis scene. The vibe is chill and cerebral... a nice hybrid ;) Once the sun sets, it's time to head up to the roof for cannabis yoga! A super blood moon eclipse will be casting a red glow... so u know it's gonna be exxxtra witchy... At night, it's time to get lit! We're bringing the sickest DJs from LA, New York, Oakland and Berlin to play jungle and hardcore in the rave room + ambient and live electronics in the vape lounge... Oh, and OBVI there will be cute cannabis brands serving you special treats + a marketplace to cop the latest weed accessories and swag! PS: Can we talk about how tired we are of people saying "Aren't you gonna fall asleep at the weed rave?" LMAO no bitch because this party is gonna be insane!!! www.instagram.com/weedrave.420 https://restlessnites.com/weedrave120
  • Weed Rave - Flyer front
    Weed Rave - Flyer back