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    DJ Koze (Kompakt / Get Physical) Hamburg / Germany LA MONARETA - Live! Nick Moreno & Dan Wein (LikeThat Bookings)
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  • La Otra Contemporary Art Fair and LikeThat Bookings present.... DJ Koze (Kompakt - Germany) in an exclusive date for Colombia in Bogotá, alongside recognized and infamous colombian band La Monareta - Live! Beginning his career as the DJ for German hip-hop crew Fischmob in the mid-1990s, Hamburg's DJ Koze (real name Stefan Kozalla) gravitated towards dance music to escape the stagnancy he perceived to be infecting hip-hop. His work as both a DJ and producer takes pains to avoid familiarity and conservatism. This approach has resulted in wildly eclectic DJ sets, the tongue-in-cheek R 'n' B of his International Pony side-project, abstract electronica made as Adolf Noise, and a significant body of house and techno originals and remixes as DJ Koze. La Otra, contemporary art fair in Bogotá, began in 2007, by the initiative of Valenzuela Klenner Gallery, to encourage, highlight and diffuse contemporary art proposals, thus responding to an audience and thought that are evermore becoming in tune with these art practices. La Otra, stands as pioneer in Latin America, by breaking the mould of the conventional art fairs, offering a dynamic space more in accordance with today’s demands for the exhibition and circulation of contemporary art. Taking into consideration that in the context of Latin America there is an ongoing vigorous contemporary art movement, as well as new changes and transformations politically and socially, this project continues to position itself as a platform in which to debate and reflect upon these transcendental and interesting issues. La Otra, has reaffirmed itself as an essential event in the contemporary art scene, serving as a vital stimulus for those artists, galleries, art spaces, collectors, curators and critics working towards expanding the conceptual and formal limits of art, of exhibition and diffusion spaces, and consequently, those of the general public. La Monareta first came together when composer, producer and vocalist Andres Martinez started mixing break beats and hip hop flows with keyboardist Camilo Sanabria in clubs and electronic music festivals throughout their hometown of Bogota. “Growing up, even as young as 11, I was really involved in the local freestyle streetbike scene,” Martinez recounts. “It was the 80s and all the streetbikers in Colombia were heavily influenced by the break-dance and electric boogaloo music styles arriving from the U.S. We heard groups like the Beastie Boys and Public Enemy and they completely changed our lives. The brands of our bikes were not Mongoose or GT. We had Monaretas. And so that’s how we got the name for our group—it’s a homage to the ’80s break-dance, hip hop, BMX and fashion scene sounds that came from abroad to influence us in South America.” Once Monareta began to develop their sound, Martinez received a Fulbright scholarship to pursue a Master of Arts in composition and film scoring at New York University. He moved from Bogota to New York City and immersed himself in the local scene. Monareta found a receptive crowd in the electro haven of Brooklyn and Martinez integrated what he was learning with his studies into the group’s cinematic sound. “It’s the whole idea of telling a story without showing images,” Martinez says. “In our case, we don’t use many lyrics either. Instead, we use sound textures to build atmospheres and allegories to certain images and ideas.” While fellow Colombians Sidestepper combine electronic music with salsa, Monareta mixes electronic music with cumbia and champeta, the Afro-Colombian genre native to the streets of the country’s Caribbean coast. They also incorporate the reggae, dub and calypso sounds popular in the coastal cities. On ‘Picotero’, the track “Llama” displays this fusion, where the cumbia upbeat flows seamlessly with a reggae groove and dub vocals. LikeThat Bookings is a Bogota-London based company with aims to promote up and coming and established artistry and renowned performers from around the world. Presale: $20.000 (until the 16th of October) Presale point: Galeria Valenzuela Klenner - Cra 5 # 26 - 28 Presale Telephone: 301 714 6678
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