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    『 This side 』 ▄ Guests: Wata Igarashi // Bunker - Semantica - Midgar | JP Selected by Wata: A. Brehme // Sonata Forma | BE Steffen Bennemann // Nachtdigital | DE Vincent Vidal // ARTS - [BP] - Studio dB | FR GiGi FM // Netil Radio | UK 『 That side 』 ▄ Guest: Gigsta // Room 4 resistance - Cashmere radio | BE Driss Bennis aka OCB // Casa voyageur | Mo Gaffarel live // GAFFAREL Record - Rue de plaisance | FR L.Zylberberg & Dane Close // Sameheads | AU & UK Zulu 55 // Record Loft | FR
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  • Make the trek for Wata Igarashi's dark techno experiments.
  • L|nked A new path to a dimension that exists in us all. A network of interactions, with sound, light, dark and with others. A rave feeling, undefined space, endless discovery. Everyone L|nked. L|nked begins in Berlin on February 2, 2018: an event series providing a unique, off-location warehouse setting for a special artist to co-curate, inviting new musical and visual talent to create a marathon journey through various art forms. The 900-capacity, blank canvas location will be transformed for maximum club psychedelia. No volume restrictions, total freedom, experienced event promoters. For the first edition, the singular talent that is Wata Igarashi will hold court on the high-fidelity Loud Professional soundsystem, exchanging his vision of deep, experimental techno with those on the dancefloor. The extended opening hours, otherworldly aesthetic, hazy chill-out bubbles, and diverse bar options will enhance the sonic and mind experience beyond compare. Wata invites A.Brehme, a Belgian DJ and owner of the Sonat Forma label, to deliver his subtle brand of techno hypnotism. They will be joined by Nachtdigital’s Steffen Bennemann, L|nked co-founder and ARTS signee Vincent Vidal and Gigi FM. The second floor will hosts some local and fresh young talents with the unique rule to be eclectic: Gigsta, OCB, Gaffarel, L.Zylberberg & Dane Close and Zulu 55.
  • L|nked - Flyer front