Spontaneous Affinity Zine Release

  • The Spontaneous Affinity zine is a collection of all 12 interviews from the first year of the mix/interview series, plus some bonus content. Zines are an $8 suggested donation to cover print costs - but feel free to just donate what you can! Or just come hang out and have a cocktail or a watermelon juice 🍹 ✨✨✨ The SA monthly series prioritizes geographic variety which can make it hard to feature local artists regularly, so I'm excited for this happy hour to feature some NY artists who I've been super impressed by. Sets on the more chilled out side of techno from — ☾ IKATU https://soundcloud.com/user-617566694 https://maraliz.bandcamp.com/track/shrink Maraliz (IKATU) is a Paraguayan-American sound artist who has turned extreme chronic pain into a muse. Maraliz' deck skills are informed by her training as a certified sound practitioner, meditation facilitator, DJ, and sound designer. Her workshops, sensory events, original recordings and teacher trainings around the United States. ☾ KENYA (Never Mind / Side Salad) https://soundcloud.com/kenyakanazawa https://soundcloud.com/fnv-radio/kenya-fnv-33118 I first saw Kenya play at FNV at Nowadays when he completely melted me onto the dancefloor - one of those sets that totally took me by surprise and made me wonder why he wasn't already touring the world on the regular. He knows how to meld tracks together to create a hypnotic atmosphere that you'll get lost in. ☾ KOHL (SA #006 / Blankstairs / Umor Rex) https://soundcloud.com/kohl-ny https://soundcloud.com/spontaneousaffinity/006-kohl Kohl is the dub-based project of Brooklyn's Nathaniel Young, co-founder of Blankstairs and a resident at dub techno monthly Modal Form at Jupiter Disco. His latest EP, "Learned Ethics / Imposed Ethics", was released via Mexico City's Umor Rex in March. ☾ LYCHEE (Spontaneous Affinity) https://soundcloud.com/lycheefrut http://soundcloud.com/spontaneousaffinity ✨✨✨ Year One Zine on Bandcamp: https://soundcloud.com/spontaneousaffinity/sets/spontaneous-affinity-year-one Spontaneous Affinity Year One playlist: https://soundcloud.com/spontaneousaffinity/sets/spontaneous-affinity-year-one
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