CLUB Pelicon with SPFDJ, Christoph de Babalon, Kenny White

  • CLUB Pelicon returns to The White Hotel with a raucous lineup. SPFDJ plays faster and harder than most techno DJs you'll hear, often edging into gabber and gnarly acid. Christoph de Babalon's fiery jungle and drum & bass will surely match that energy.
  • ©C.P-2019

 Deafening whispers loud and clear The sound of nothing meets my ears I get the message - I know the drill This is the day the world stood still SPFDJ
Intrepid Skin label-head SPFDJ has gained recognition with her characteristically uncompromising and relentless approach, fusing visceral techno, EBM and electro whilst playing within communities such as Universe of Tang & Herrensauna who place themselves at the harsher end of the dance music spectrum. Rinse FM guest mix for Ben UFO: Christoph de Babalon (live) A seminal figure from the Digital Hardcore era, Christoph de Babalon’s introverted, nihilistic style of haunting jungle, ambient and experimental music creates a heavy a sense of claustrophobia and malaise with frenetic, bitfucked sequences & eerie soundscapes. Electronic Explorations mix: Kenny White Drifting across the darker corners of DIY, industrial and outré genres there are few who manage to weave together as wide a palette of music in such a genuine fashion as Low Company affiliate Kenny White. Check his NTS Radio show here:
  • CLUB Pelicon with SPFDJ, Christoph de Babalon, Kenny White - Flyer front