Unter Latin America x Boiler Room

  • >>> PRE-SALES ARE SOLD OUT >>> SELECT TICKETS WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE AT DOOR >>> $30 FROM 10PM TO 11PM AND $40 FROM 11PM ON >>> IF YOU'D LIKE TO ATTEND, SHOW UP EARLY For our next show, we’ve decided to move away from using yet another of our now-standard hilariously self-referential rave themes. This time, the idea is simple: we want to highlight the often overlooked and under-appreciated world of electronic dance music hailing from the Latin American diaspora, i.e. the world south of our border. Contrary to typical Boiler Room party programs which are limited to the broadcast and the artists playing 1-hour sets, our collaboration with them will be confined to only one room at Sugar Hill, with the other two rooms free of photography or videography, and full of typical Unter antics. Further, every artist performing in the Boiler Room room will have an opportunity to play a full set in other rooms, undisturbed by cameras, focusing only on their work and the dancers in front of them. So, if you wish to avoid the cameras and the pressures of a live broadcast but want to see all the artists do their thing, you will be able to do so. We will soon announce the set times so you can plan your partying accordingly. Both the party and the broadcast will start at 10PM sharp, with Adrestia in the Boiler Room and Fadeface in the Side Bar, so please plan to come early if you wish to jumpstart your night. AAAA AAAA – pronounced Quatro-A – is the moniker of the Mexico City-based producer, DJ, and promoter Gabo Barranco, who has had live sets featured on the stages of Berghain, Mutek MX, SxSW, and more. De facto leader of the nascent lo-fi, overdriven and hiss-laden underground acid techno sound that’s been prevalent around DIY events in Mexico City, Gabo is also part of the crew behind the EXT event series, that employs off-the-grid spaces and guerilla promotional tactics to throw only the most underground raves. ADRESTIA Classically trained in dance at Manhattan’s renowned Ballet Hispanico, Dominican-American Adrestia moved to Brooklyn in 2015 and co-founded Alkhemy, a collective that focuses on highlighting diversity and promoting artists of color in techno. Alkhemy’s party, The Black Hole, debuted soon after, gaining popularity by showcasing impressive international and local headliners alongside a resident roster of some of Brooklyn’s punchiest up-and-coming DJs and producers. Adrestia is The Black Hole’s newest resident DJ. ALPHA 606 The son of Cuban immigrants, Armando Martinez picked his alias to refer to both the anti-Castro regime dissident militant group Alpha 66 and the Roland TR-606 drum machine. Armando’s sound skillfully blends the varied history of Electro, 20th Century Avant Garde, and his native Cuban influences ranging from the ritual music of Santeria to the Afro Cuban highs of 1930's Havana. Afro-Cuban Electronics, his concept debut album and a love letter to Cuba, came out in 2016 on Detroit’s Interdimensional Transmissions, and he has since appeared at Berlin Atonal and Berghain/Panorama Bar. FADEFACE FadeFace is a Brazilian-born and Brooklyn-based industrial/experimental techno artist who focuses on the live and improvisational aspects of modular synthesis. He currently holds a residency at Bossa Nova Civic Club's monthly party EXILE. HYPERAKTIVIST Venezuelan-born Ana Laura Rincon played an important role in creating spaces exclusively for electronic dance music in her hometown of Caracas, organizing a number of free events with the intention of making electronic music available for everyone. When the Venezuelan state began to recently collapse, Ana left Caracas for Berlin where she is now the resident and organizer of Mess (Mindful Electronic Sonic Selections), a forward-thinking club night at Ohm with a focus on featuring women and transgender artist from diverse cultural backgrounds. Her newest event series, Mala Junta, focuses on old-school, faster and funkier techno. Having toured extensively throughout Europe, this will be Hyperaktivist’s US debut. LEEON Avid electronic music fan, dancer, promoter, and Bogotá, Colombia scene insider, Enrique Leon was unexpectedly approached by a group of architects who were cooking up a plan to build a club in Bogotá — they wanted him in creative charge of this new project, Video Club. Obv he said yes. Since then, Enrique has been hard at work leading this reputable venue, and he is often credited with playing a major part in putting Colombia on the international map of notable musical scenes. DJ Leeon has since played at such venues and festivals as Dekmantel, Panorama Bar, SmartBar, and Honcho Summer Campout. LPZ No serious conversation about South-American techno can be had without mentioning LPZ, the Paraguayan trio of producers Cosmo Lopez, P. Lopez, and Octavio, who have been prodigiously putting out records on such labels as Get Physical, Loungin’, Brownswood, Body Work and their own LPZ Records for over 10 years. They were and remain the only collective in Asunción that were involved in running a nightclub and adjacent warehouse parties with sharp international bookings like Marcel Dettmann and Answer Code Request. But, being the narco state that it is, the complex politics of Paraguay got in the way and the club they were attached to was recently shut down along with all related projects. Having presented live sets everywhere from Berlin to Brazil and Vietnam, this will be their first appearance in the United States. MAGDALENA Another Bogotá, Colombia staple, Magdalena came around to electronic dance music after years of playing drums in local punk bands. Since then, she’s held residencies in just about every notable Colombian club, has extensively played throughout Central and South America, launched her own party Desobediencia Civil, and label – Broken Mind Recordings. This is Magdalena’s first U.S. appearance. VOLVOX Did you know that Volvox is from Brazil? Our intrepid resident was born in São Paulo and she makes it a point to go back once a year to play underground parties just to stay in touch with what’s happening back home. It is she who is largely responsible for Unter’s strong connection to Latin America. Obrigado, gorl! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unter Rules: ■ We seek to create and maintain a safe and diverse space where consent and respect are our first priorities. ■ Please keep your phones in your pockets at all times: *absolutely* no photos or videos allowed. ■ Do not willfully damage or compromise the space or its guests or employees in any manner. ■ Harassment of any kind (unwanted contact, verbal or physical abuse, racism, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming, misogyny, etc.) will NOT be tolerated and will lead to immediate discharge from the venue: this includes any sort of harassment or aggression both inside and outside the space. ■ Anyone seen in possession, using, or aiding in use of GBL or GHB, a potentially deadly chemical, will be swiftly escorted out, and henceforth barred for life from all future Unter events. ■ For these reasons, a ticket does not guarantee entry, and will be voided if you are to be found in violation of any of these regulations or our community's collective ethics, which you can read up on here: http://fuckunter.com/images/ethics.pdf.
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