Funneled Smoke with Heidi Sabertooth, zorenLo & More

  • Funneled Smoke is pleased to announce our next installment at Secret Project Robot. We will continue our two-room concept with a multi-tiered evening: The Bar will be active from 10-4, with the Hall kicking off at midnight. ZorenLo will activate the Main Space, followed by pulsewidthmod’s live and grizzly body-techno. Heidi Sabertooth (Lost Soul Enterprises / Techno Support Group) will bring the evening to its climax, until passing the torch to Funneled Smoke resident Serpent In A Straight Line to close out the evening. The Bar at SPR will serve as an ambient zone. Funneled Smoke resident System Preferences will initiate the evening, followed by a b2b amorphous experience by Batterie X Semper Nox. Finally, Kayla Guthrie’s droning landscapes will provide closure to this special night. See you in the front! Visuals by Night Shift Nurse Video Art by Raimon Sibilo
  • Funneled Smoke with Heidi Sabertooth, zorenLo & More - Flyer front