Messy Creations 9th Birthday Warehouse Party

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    TBA - Melbourne
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    Colonel Mustard MBug Pat Stormont (live) Problem Child Sneelock Sardonyx SDF-1 Chestwig 5001 Carlos with visuals by German Suplex more tbc...
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  • Somehow, after all the burnt synapses, failing livers, knee and hip replacements, hair regrowth surgery, botox, bedpans, pregnancy scares and zombie virus infections grandma Messy's ole pacemaker is still beating on. We've given her a few jump starts with the home-made defibrilator, replaced the leaking batteries and made some unsanctioned modifications to the enclosure. Now she's ready to celebrate another year of shonky boardroom deals and wonky warehouse booty shaking at bargain basement prices. So come join us on October 3rd as the resident purveyors of fine trash get up for another dance as we drive blindly onwards into the ever impeding doom that is one full decade of Messiness.
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